Photography: what is fine art photography?

Are you saying that photography is so simple? You are mistaken. Developing a photograph is an art, as it requires precision, trial and error, and the desire to recreate reality in a snapshot. Today, given the accessibility of cameras and the emphasis on documenting real events, contemporary photography encompasses a wide range of styles, including commercial photography, photojournalism and fine art photography. The question that often arises is what is the difference between art photography and photos of your holiday?

When is photography seen as art?

The camera was made available to the masses after the invention of Kodak in 1888. The discovery of the Kodak camera led to an increase in amateur style photography. However, around the same time, some opposing groups, favouring more labour-intensive approaches, began to form. Alfred Stieglitz, an engineer who became an artist photographer, formed groups who together believed that photography should be seen as a work of art. This artist will schedule an exhibition at the famous Edward J. Steichen Gallery of photographers.

Difference between art photography and everyday photography

Artistic photography should be considered as any other art form. The development of black and white photography are techniques used for creating contemporary photography. In doing so, a photographic artist is able to adapt the images and make them even cleaner, thus communicating a message. Another way of looking at photographs as works of art is to examine their classification into artistic movements based on the time period, the artists' interests or the style of the piece. Commercial photographers and photojournalists photograph what is obvious for everyone. On the other hand, art photographers approach their craft after much research and reflection and try to identify social or political issues related to the subject through their photographs.

Development of art photography

In the photo secession era, one of the key factors that distinguished art photography from the masses was the considerable care taken to develop them. Today, photographs are developed in two ways: non-digital or digital. Regardless of the techniques and cameras used, photographs can appear to be a snapshot of reality. But when it comes to fine art photography, there is more to it than meets the eye.
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