Antique vase appraisal : what you need to know !

You own an antique vase and want to know its value? Although it is not always easy to evaluate the value of an item before resale, there are several solutions that can help you estimate the value of the antique vase.

Online auctioneer's valuation

Resorting to the service of an auctioneer to find out the value of the vase is a solution adopted by many dealers and antique dealers. Beyond the estimation of your antique vase, he can also estimate your general objects, such as antique furniture, antique paintings, books, works of art or antique jewelry... To make the estimate online, you only have to fill in the online valuation form, where you can indicate your contact information and the exact details of the vase you want to know its value: photo, weight, size ... every detail is important and can help the auctioneers to accurately assess the cost that you can resell. For a free evaluation, several well-known web pages offer you their services. Just enter the required information, then in a few clicks, the vase experts will answer you within 48 hours. However, for antiques, choose carefully professional experts able to guarantee an exemplary ethics!

The auctioneer: an ally in the estimation of antique objects

The auctioneer is probably the best way to know the value of the antique vase. This professional can direct you in several ways that will help you determine: the rarity of the antique vase: is it the original version, or is it a work created during the artist's lifetime. The interest of the work in the market: is it highly sought after in terms of demand and fashion? He will be able to answer so many questions, which will help you choose the right price for your goods.

Make an appointment with an auctioneer to evaluate the value of your vase

While the first step of a free online appraisal can sometimes accurately estimate the value of antique vases, for some of the more complex, rare or specific ones, it may be necessary for the experts to see the object in question. For example, ancient Chinese vases, Greek vases will not be easy to estimate: the experts will ask you to make more precise estimates. For larger quantities, they will come to you. To find specialists in your area, consider contacting the National Association of Auctioneers for a complete directory of French auctioneers.
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