Family jewels : what is the best method to estimate your jewels ?

Jewelry appraisal is the best way to find out the exact value of jewelry pieces. Therefore, it is advisable to call upon a specialist if you want to insure, sell or share family jewels that are part of an inheritance. Without knowing it, a real treasure can be hidden at the bottom of a drawer.

Resorting to an online jewelry appraisal

To determine the exact value of antique family jewelry, the best solution is to request an online jewelry appraisal, as it is a quick and efficient way to find out the value of jewelry pieces. The operation is simple to perform since there are jewelry experts ready to help you. To do so, you just have to describe the jewelry and indicate its size, the metals used (if you know them), its weight... It is important to provide a precise description, because every detail is important when you do a jewelry appraisal. It is also necessary to attach a photo to your request. The expertise of a jewel is carried out within 24 hours, 48 hours at most according to the quantity of jewels to be evaluated.

A reliable estimate at commercial value

During an inheritance, a transmission or simply if you want to sell jewelry that you no longer wear, old jewelry, damaged or not, to know their real market value. You can look for a specialized site and ask an expert to carry out an online jewelry valuation. This method is reliable and fast and avoids you to go to a jeweler or a jeweller who can also realize an evaluation of jewelry. By going through an online expert, he will also be able, most of the time, to propose an offer to buy back your family or second-hand jewelry. This way, you will be able to quickly dispose of the money that a sale of jewelry pieces can bring. An online expert is also able to put you in contact with a potential buyer if he is not interested in a buyback.

How is an appraisal done?

The online jewelry appraisal allows you to get in touch with an expert specialized in antique or contemporary jewelry. To determine the value, he refers to the weight of the piece concerned, the official price of precious metals to which is added the goldsmith's work and the market value in connection with the hallmark and signature of a great goldsmith.
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