Large-scale paintings: works of art with great impact!

Scale refers to the size of an object in relation to another and is one of the principles of organising structural elements in art and design. It does not represent the size of a creation, but a relational principle generally defined by the relationship of one object to another. Relational aesthetics are at the heart of every work and the human body is often the corrective against which the size of each piece can be discussed.

A few words on large-scale works

The appearance of large-scale paintings dates back to many years ago. At first, these were statues or canvases at least 1 m wide and high. In the middle of the 17th century, paintings with a size exceeding the above-mentioned dimensions came into being. In recent decades, large-format works have moved to another level as they have become more imposing and gigantic. Today, there are sculptures that are several tens of metres in size, such as Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate.

More decorative

Large format paintings have always been decorative and artistic elements. For some people, these may be seen as the least complex alternative to complete the embellishment of a bedroom, a living room, or to fill an empty space in a room. When you see a piece of art that makes your heart skip a beat, let yourself be tempted! It can become the dominant piece in your interior design and will personalise your home. If it's a photograph, be sure to look at the quality of the prints so that it gives your home the look of a showpiece. But before you buy one, don't forget to get an estimate of the work whether it is of French or international artists.

Reflecting the artist's creativity

XXL works remain a means of materialising an imagination for artists. The boundaries of creativity have expanded since the advent of large format artworks. An artist embarking on the creation of large-scale works must have a high level of technical skill and a perfect mastery of the materials required to produce the art. It is important to understand that the degree of sensitivity is different from that of a 30x30cm work. More and more artists and lovers of contemporary paintings are focusing on larger formats. There are currently exhibitions that focus on large format works, such as the MONUMENTA at the Grand Palais. Keep in mind that it is mandatory to always ask for an estimation of the artworks before any acquisition.
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