Valuation & expertise

How do I get a free online valuation of my painting?

The valuation of a work of art usually involves various surprises. A necklace that has been passed down from generation to generation may not be a valuable piece of jewellery in some cases. On the other hand, a painting that…

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Appraisal & valuation of Serge Mouille’s works!

Serge Mouille is a French artist. He has made a name for himself through his art of shaping metal, but also through his drawings, monograms and lighting. This creative artist has been able to distinguish himself from others thanks to…

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How is the estate inventory carried out?

The inventory of the estate is carried out after the death of an individual. It is used to evaluate the estate in order to help the heirs to divide the inheritance easily. The inventory takes into account the movable and…

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