How is the estate inventory carried out?

The inventory of the estate is carried out after the death of an individual. It is used to evaluate the estate in order to help the heirs to divide the inheritance easily. The inventory takes into account the movable and immovable assets of the deceased. The intervention is not obligatory in most cases. In other words, sometimes the heirs do not need an inventory. In this case, it will be difficult to divide the assets with an approximate valuation. On the other hand, an inventory is still required in the event of acceptance up to the net assets.

How the inventory of the estate is carried out

The inventory of the estate is only carried out at the request of the heirs. It is carried out by an auctioneer, a bailiff or a notary. The request must be submitted to the registry of the district court two months after the declaration of the succession option. The inventory of the estate is based on the list and status of the heirs, as well as the value of the assets and liabilities and their description. Assets include real estate, movable property, securities, shares, claims and money. Liabilities, on the other hand, are debts, credits and loans, and legacies. After the inventory, the manager registers and publishes the data in the creditor profile. The cost of the service is 80 euros plus tax, plus registration and publication fees. The notary can then calculate and divide the shares between the heirs concerned. There are also a number of organisations that offer an online property valuation service, such as Mr. expert

Requesting an inventory online

It is always difficult to make an inventory request following the death of a loved one. A professional is able to carry out an inventory of the property left behind by a person after their death with rigour, professionalism and precision. Just as with a bailiff or notary, the information obtained from an online inventory request will be essential for the redistribution of assets among the heirs. The division of assets becomes easier with the expertise of a true professional in the field. There are now several platforms that specialise in this service in order to simplify the lives of the bereaved.

How does the online estate inventory work?

The procedure is much less complex online. First, you have to visit the platform of the organisation to fill in the application form. The organisation will collect some information about the inventory through the form. Then, the applicant will need to fill in several fields concerning his profile, the location of the object and a short description of the inventory. He will also have to provide some information about himself such as his name, gender, e-mail address and phone number. The reason for the inventory will be an inheritance, but it can also be a sale or an insurance. Several advantages are obtained with the online estate inventory request. First of all, the heirs save time with the service. The request is easy to make and the applicant receives a reply within 48 hours. In addition, the solution is very practical as it is no longer necessary to make a trip to the estate. After filling in the form, the request is sent online. Moreover, the inventory is not expensive and sometimes can even be free online. The experts evaluate the movable property for free or at a more affordable rate.
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