Paintings that speak of a lifetime: Georges Mathieu

Georges Mathieu

He was a French abstract painter and an art theorist. He started by doing some figurative art of England from postcards as a hobby. He later executed his first painting that was non-figurative. One of the first solo exhibitions dedicated to him demonstrated matured skills of being an artist and influenced a generation from his career.

He is one of the artists admired the most by many people. He is popularly known for having large-scale arts like curving calligraphic lines. It is considered that he is the founder of lyrical abstraction, which is a non-representation mode of painting that came from the formal rigor of geometric abstraction.

Some of his exhibitions

His quote “the strongest of all new European painters” really showed that he was indeed a successful artist since he had achieved so many artistic successes. It is hard to figure out how he was doing his art because they were incredibly beautiful and unique. His first part of artwork was featured in Paris at the Salon des moins de 30 ans exhibition.

Another exhibition that he exposed with other fourteen painters was called Towards Lyrical Abstraction, which the title was later changed. His painting ability was best portrayed between the years 1983-1991. The nine painting works that he did in his final years showed his high skills of doing art. These last nine paintings explore the last period that the artist was active in work.

An exhibition presented at Perrotin co-presented with Nahmad at the same time explores these last nine works of Mathieu. These arts can be found in America in the Modern Art Museum and New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim collections. They were also appreciated in parts of Europe and thrived in post-war France.

However, he continued to make his painting on paper, and the last painting he made on canvas that is known was made in the year 1991.
In the Asian market, they are consistently offering the arts of Mathieu George in recent years, thus reviving the arts of the late artist. Unlike Italy and France, Asia was slow in picking up on the modern arts.

A growing interest and demand are seen from auction houses to galleries of people globally. His arts are now well known to many private collections and public institutions. His arts are also recognized and found in

Painting in public

You can have a clear picture in your mind of some of these artist’s arts by just reading about them. In one of his art, some tubes of paint are lined up in an endless manner in a row. There are paintbrushes with long handles, the same length as your arms that lay to rest.

This work is done by a Mathieu kneeling on a canvas and wearing a kimono, splashing and swirling paint with a lot of energy. He is surrounded by many people who seem greatly attracted by his work, and cameras seem to be flashing away. By now, I believe this picture is clearing up in your mind.

The 10-franc coin art

Another design work George Mathieu did was designing the 10-franc coin that came out perfectly well. This is how incredible these arts were. Mathieu was confident with the work that he would sometimes paint in front of the audience or other times in front of the camera.This also showed that he was highly skilled in the artwork.

Mathieu Georges’ arts seem to be more active even fifty years down the line because they are eye-catching and beautiful to have around. He painted by treatment of paint on canvas with thick lines and strokes and a thin piece of board that is hard to see through. He discovered the direct dripping of paint from a tube to a canvas technique that helped him so much through his works of art.

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