How to estimate the value of my works of art online?

Published on : 19 April 20213 min reading time

A work of art is a carrier of message and emotion experienced by the artist. Whether it is a modern painting or an antique painting, each painting is unique. With this uniqueness, it is really difficult to give a price range for a range of paintings because each work of art has its own value. So the question arises, how does one go about estimating a work of art?

Online estimation of a painting or a work of art

For people who don’t have the time to go to an art appraisal agency, you can choose an easier appraisal on an antiques appraisal website. It is quite possible to estimate your artwork for free on the Mr Expert website. To do an online appraisal of your painting, all you have to do is take pictures of the painting in question and upload it to the site. In such a short time, you will have the value of your painting given by experts who fully master the art market. It is important to know that the estimate is based on the last auction of a similar painting by the same artist.

To make its estimate by professionals

After the online estimate of your painting, it is not uncommon for the experts to proceed to the expertise and authentication of your work of art. This new expertise is more thorough to obtain the certificate of authentication. To do this, the experts will begin to identify the origin and verify the authenticity of your painting. Then, the art history specialists enter the chain, they will analyze the technique, the date of the painting and the provenance of your artwork. If the online estimation service is free, but the expertise and authentication make an estimate on their services. If you do not have the means to call on experts, you can have an estimate of your work of art at a dealer or a specialized antique dealer who knows perfectly the value of a work of art.

Estimating the price to sell your artwork

Having an estimate of your artwork will allow you to situate yourself on the market and to integrate in the inventory for the auction thanks to the price in accordance with the current coast. To sell your painting without any problem, it is preferable to call upon expertise firms to benefit from the best price.

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