Let’s take a look at the most important contemporary French sculptors!

The development of sculpture up to the avant-garde movements of the 20th century owes much to traditional modelling. Stone sculpture, marble and small models have helped artists produce some of the most fascinating examples of pure mastery. In the hands of contemporary French sculptors, cold materials have been given warmth and life. The famous artists on this short list are those who helped change the face of this field of artwork forever.

Jean Dubuffet

Defying aesthetic boundaries through experiments with materials and style, Jean Dubuffet is one of the most influential French artists. Both a painter and a sculptor, Dubuffet's practice focused on the search for a more authentic and humanistic approach to art making. Embracing 'low art' and recognised as the founder of Art Brut, his three-dimensional works followed his research in painting. Evolving randomly, the rough drawing of black lines is at the heart of his original sculptures.

Richard Orlinski

It is difficult to talk about a famous artist in contemporary sculpture without mentioning Richard Orlinski. The 53-year-old Frenchman discovered his passion for painting and sculpture at the age of 18. But he waited until 2002 to devote himself to artistic production, leaving aside his profession as an architectural designer. It was only in 2004 that he decided to make his work known to the general public. These works have brought him a dazzling recognition and success. Since then, he has organised numerous exhibitions in various art galleries and international events such as Arts Basel and the Ch√Ęteau de Versailles.

Cesar Baldaccini

The French sculptor and painter Cesar Baldaccini is at the forefront of the New Realism movement. Best known for his art assemblage and innovative large-scale abstract sculpture, Baldaccini was an active member of the Parisian avant-garde art world. His compressions, often using scrap metal or crushed cars, are an innovative approach to Junk art. Often bordering on the notion of kitsch art, Baldaccini is both loved and hated by French cultural institutions. Although he has produced some of the most disturbing self-portraits, his work is still considered more humorous and wittier. If you have any of these artists' work, it is imperative to get an art appraisal from an expert. The estimation of sculptures of famous artists is necessary.
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