The artist-sculptor Line Vautrin, the “poetess of metal”!

Published on : 16 April 20212 min reading time
A woman of the 20th century. A woman artist, free to create, Line Vautrin has left behind a large collection of jewellery and decorative objects. Her work is admirable, but so is her extravagance. Line Vautrin‘s ravishing ornaments and objects embody neo-Romantic Parisian chic.

Who is Line Vautrin?

Born in 1913 into a family of metal founders, Line was fascinated by her father’s business since childhood. She never received an art education, but by the age of 14 she had mastered certain skills such as casting, hunting and gilding. Her only work experience was four days at Schiaparelli and a few weeks as a representative for an industrial photography company. She then decided to become her own boss. She started with a few simple bracelets.

Made largely in the 1940s and 1950s from resin, glass and bronze, Vautrin’s creations do not belong to any of the traditional jewellery genres, even “costume jewellery”. They are little miracles of inventiveness, subtle skill and endless experimentation.

Where can you buy Line Vautrin’s work?

The shop that the jewellery designer Line Vautrin opened in 1943 on Faubourg Saint-Honoré Road, near the Elysée Palace, is no longer there, but you can find this great artist’s works in multiple art galleries.

The best way to do this is to browse through the online sites of these art galleries. Many of which offer the French artist‘s works for sale. However, in today’s world and with the fame of this jewellery designer, one is not immune to counterfeits. Therefore, it is wiser to favour establishments with a reputation among a connoisseur public. There are also jewellery shops that sell Line Vautrin‘s creations, but they are not very numerous. Besides, a handful of private individuals who have been lucky enough to unearth rare works by this great lady, such as the witch mirrors, are offering an online sales exhibition.

Is it necessary to have them appraised?

Given the number of sellers on the market, it is imperative for each future buyer to ask for an estimate of Line Vautrin’s work before going to the cash register. It is important to understand that an estimate of a Line Vautrin mirror allows to verify the authenticity of the object and its exact value.

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