Appraisal & valuation of Serge Mouille’s works!

Serge Mouille is a French artist. He has made a name for himself through his art of shaping metal, but also through his drawings, monograms and lighting. This creative artist has been able to distinguish himself from others thanks to his concern for aesthetics, which can be seen at first glance through his creations. It is no wonder that items bearing his signature are considered works of art. If you have them, it is wise to ask for an authenticity expertise and an estimation of Serge Mouille's works. But first, you must make sure that you are dealing with an expert appraiser.

Who is an expert appraiser?

You must understand that the law is not very strict when it comes to the evaluation of Serge Mouille's works or any other artist like him. Anyone can claim to be a professional in this field. This is why you must check that the appraiser you have contacted is known and has a reputation in his profession. But in any case, generally, an appraiser must present a document that proves his or her capacity. Next, it is important that the appraiser has a thorough understanding of the art market, both in the area of buying and reselling. It is also mandatory that he has a long experience in the authenticity expertise sector. Additionally, ask him to provide you with a reference so that you can check his work beforehand. Below are the 3 alternatives you can choose from.

An art gallery and auction house

To estimate and determine the authenticity of your Serge Mouille works, you can contact an art gallery owner. This service may be free of charge, but since it is a work by a great artist that you own, he will certainly ask for a small fee. By opting for an auction house, you can be sure of receiving an appraisal and an estimate that is more or less close to the market price.

An independent professional

This is the best option for estimating a work of art by Serge Mouille. Working on his own account, this professional will give you a reliable estimate that will be accompanied by some recommendations. Indeed, galleries and auction houses tend to overvalue or devaluate your property, which is why an art valuation by Serge Mouille is always recommended.
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