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Contemporary art

Contemporary art is a concept that emerged in the 1980s. It covers music, virtual art and areas where some forms are very famous. More on


Modern Art

Modern art is a period that encompasses many major artistic movements. This period dates from the appearance of Impressionism in 1870 to the birth of Pop Art in 1950.


Abstract art

Abstract art dispenses with the model and frees itself from mimetic plastic creation and fidelity to reality. It is one of the major trends in the 20th century sculpture and painting.

Buying, selling and valuing artworks

Price of works of art

Apprentices can estimate the value of their work online. Owners of masterpieces can find out the price of a painting through the quotation.

Online art valuation

To estimate the value of a print, painting, drawing or sculpture online, simply find and contact an art expert.

Works of art by Line Vautrin

To estimate the right price of Line Vautrin's works, it is recommended to entrust the expertise to a specialist of the French artist.

Sale of painting materials

Painting materials can be obtained in a hobby and fine arts shop. More about art on

Paintings from an exhibition

" Paintings from an exhibition" is the name of a series of walks by Modest Mussorgsky. The work consists of 10 pieces for piano.

High-quality services

High-quality artistic services allow the client to be amazed. Hypnotist, mentalist, juggler bartender, whoever you are you can benefit from several types of services.

Abstract art gallery

Abstract art does not show anything, to appreciate it, this art form appeals to the viewer's imagination. The aim is not to evoke reality, but to give a feeling and a perception.

Realist Art Galleries

Contemporary realism differs from photo realism. This art form is characterised by a realistic and direct approach to a representation.

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Discover figurative and sculptural art

As explained on, figurative art manifests itself through the representation of the visible. This style of art is particularly evident in photography, painting, sculpture, textile arts, ceramics, etc. Naturalism represents visible models that evoke reality. The aim of a figurative painter is to reproduce all the details in his works. Sculptural art designs and creates forms in relief and volume. The sculptor uses several techniques for this; assembly, welding, modelling… As is the case with the gods, the sculptor seems to want to bring life out of the material.

Photography as an art!

Are you saying that photography is so simple? You are mistaken. Developing a photograph is an art, as it requires precision, trial and error, and the desire to recreate reality in a snapshot. Today, given the accessibility of cameras and the emphasis on documenting real events, contemporary photography encompasses a wide range of styles, including commercial photography, photojournalism and fine art photography.

In the photo secession era, one of the key factors that distinguished art photography from the masses was the considerable care taken to develop them. Today, photographs are developed in two ways: non-digital or digital.

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